Security Appeal

Dear Members and Shul Friends:

This past Shabbat we ran a year-end stop-gap appeal to cover security costs through the end of the shul’s fiscal year, which is June 30, 2019.  

The shul board has formed a committee to thoroughly examine long-term security options that includes building upgrades as well as safety and security training for our members. In the meantime, the entire board recently voted on the reasonable need for either a police detail or an armed security guard to be posted in front of the shul for the entire period of Shabbat morning davening, from 7:00 AM through 1:00 PM. The cost of hiring a guard for six hours each Shabbat for the remainder of the fiscal year is the reason for this appeal. This additional security measure is an extraordinary expense item, and not part of the current year’s budget.

We need your help in order to cover these extra costs. 

For those of you who missed the appeal, please note that an anonymous donor has agreed to match up to $5,000 to help the shul achieve this short-term goal.

No matter what you personally believe about the need for additional security, consider this a donation that will help many in the shul feel safe attending and davening in the Young Israel each Shabbat.

Please donate now by clicking on the button of your choice below.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Lenny Fuld, President
Joan Solomont, Chair