Visiting from Out of Town

Whether it’s simply to enjoy having a Shabbat meal with others or to meet new and interesting people, our Young Israel has a long and honored tradition of extending hospitality to students, local families, visitors and recent arrivals to our community. If you’re interested and available and are within walking distance to our shul, give us the opportunity of hosting you for a Shabbat meal. It’s one way we fulfill the mitzvah of hachnasat orchim.

Please fill out the form below. If applicable, include information about others who may be with you. This information is then posted to our shul email list WITHOUT your contact information. Only when a response is received from a host to your request, is your contact information then forwarded, to enable the host to personally invite you to their Shabbat table.

If you receive a meal invite, it’s important and expected that you reply to ALL hosts who contact you – to give them your timely response! And once you accept an invite, please let the others who’ve contacted you know this, especially if you live locally – so that a future invite can be planned.

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