Young Israel of Brookline Annual Gala

Please join us for our Annual Gala
Celebrating our Shul Community
and honoring

Joyce and Morris M. Naggar
Recepients of the Keter Torah Award

Lisa and Daniel Sigel
Recipients of the Chesed Award

Festive Shabbat Lunch
Shabbat June 10 at noon
Young Israel of Brookline
62 Green Street

Entertainment by the Maccabeats


To Joyce and Morris M. Naggar, Brookline has always been home.  Their respective parents were founders of the Sephardic Community in Boston. In the 70’s and 80’s Joyce and Morris and their respective families participated in Shabbat and High Holiday services with the Sephardic Community at the Young Israel building.   Morris even remembers attending the Young Israel Pre-School.  When the Sephardic Minyan relocated, Morris and Joyce stayed involved.  Their children, Max (24), Robert (22), Miriam (18) and Rachel (13) were instrumental in bringing them back to 62 Green Street so that they could be part of our young adult community. 

During the day you can find Morris at his real estate business developing multi-family mixed-use commercial properties while Joyce teaches young children at the Kehillath Israel Pre-School. But after hours and on weekends they are busy making our synagogue community a better place for all of us.  Whether it is supporting shul beautification and improvements, augmenting our weekly Kiddush, sponsoring lectures, or helping to organize and sponsor today’s Sephardic High Holiday Minyan held at YIB, Morris and Joyce can always be called on to help.  For them, improving and enhancing the Young Israel, making it “great,” is a sacred mission. They match their passion for the Jewish community with passion for their children and family gatherings. They cherish the Modern Orthodox way of life and especially love the learning and leadership provided by Rabbi Hellman.  As we bestow on them the Keter Torah award, Joyce and Morris share their belief that everyone has an obligation to identify something meaningful to give to the shul - whether it be effort, participation, or resources – and that the sum of these contributions will not only enrich the k’hal but make for a happier, more fulfilled life.


Lisa and Daniel Sigel share a passion for community and adventure. Lisa came to Brookline five years ago seeking a warm and observant Jewish community and a spouse. Within four months her search was over.  She met Dan at the Chai Center, they married at the Young Israel and together made the decision to make this community their home.  Dan, known to all as “the wine guy,” is the Northeast Regional Sales Manager for Royal Wine Corp. Lisa is a Dairy Nutrition Specialist for a small agricultural company out of Pennsylvania and also runs her own fiber art and design small business in South Boston. At the Young Israel they are known as “volunteers without limits.” If you want Mishloach Manot delivered to the hinterlands of Newton, just call Dan and Lisa. If you want the secret recipe to their chulent, they won’t share it, but you can count on them to join the Thursday night “chulenteers.”  Wine tasting, shemira, new member’s dinner, reinforcing the stitching on the Aron after the fall holidays, if you need a helping hand or two just call the Sigels. They cherish our community and love working to make it even more vibrant and welcoming.   
Originally from Sharon and Newton, Dan understands the significance of the long and storied history of our congregation. Dan and Lisa see themselves as connectors, bringing the diverse segments of our shul community together and building relationships and bonds with members of all ages. In their words, “by creating these bonds, we are able to create more connectivity and emotional buy-in for young families in the hope that they will want to make the investment and stay in Brookline.” For Lisa and Dan, giving back is essential, fun and spiritually fulfilling. It is altogether fitting that they receive the Young Israel’s Chesed Award this year.