Yizkor Book 5777

Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing the second edition of the Young Israel of Brookline Yizkor Book for the coming year.  The Yizkor Book serves as a way to more visibly commemorate the memory of our departed loved ones, Alehem Hashalom, as well as assisting in fulfilling our obligation of Tzedakah in their memory.

The new edition of the Yizkor Book will be published in time for use on Yom Kippur and will be used through Shavuot.  In this book, the names of loved ones for whom Yizkor is recited can be inscribed for a nominal fee.  In addition, the book will also contain the Tefilot thatYizkor participants recite during the Yizkor service.

To be part of this continuing tradition, we invite you to send us a list of the names of those loved ones whom you would like to have remembered. The cost for each listing will remain the same as last year in the hopes that as many members as possible will be able to participate.   The charge for the first two listing is $18 each, which includes both the donor’s family name and the names of the persons being remembered.  Each additional name is $10. A listing of “Mr. and Mrs.” is considered two names.  Full-page listings are also available at the cost of $180. Please keep in mind that you can use full pages to memorialize groups, such as holocaust victims, Israeli soldiers, etc.

Important Note: If you participated in last year’s Yizkor Book, and there are no changes to last year’s listing, you may repeat your listing by checking the appropriate space on the order form. To review last year’s book please contact the office or email the Yizkor Book Committee. If you no longer wish to participate, or if you would like to make changes to last year’s listing, please complete the online form.

Forms will also be available at Young Israel in hard copy, for you to submit your list of names. Completed forms and full payment must be submitted online or returned to the Young Israel office, Attn: Yizkor Book, no later than 11:59 PM  on Sunday, September 11, 2016, in order to be guaranteed inclusion in the new edition. For further information please contact Debbie Cohen (yizkor@yibrookline.org).


  To assist with hebrew letters (if necessary)

To assist with hebrew letters (if necessary)

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